About IES


International Education Services Ltd (IES) is a Brisbane-based, not-for-profit organisation that provides educational products and services specifically for the international education sector. IES commenced in 1997 with the principal function to manage and operate the University of Queensland Foundation Year (UQFY).

UQFY has become one of the most respected foundation programs in Australia and currently enrols more than 500 international students annually, of which more than 85% will continue on to study undergraduate programs at UQ. More than 4,000 undergraduate students have entered UQ through UQFY since the program commenced.

IES also collaborates with the Australian Federal Government and others in offering training to student recruitment agencies and other stakeholders in the international education industry through its Professional International Education Resources (PIER) brand. PIER has introduced the first accredited courses for professionals working in international education, delivered on-line at PIER also delivers the Education Agent Training Course (EATC).

IES has won several awards recognising its high standard of service, including the Queensland Government’s Partnerships for Positive Outcomes Award; the Queensland Education and Training international (QETI) Award for Excellence for Outstanding International Student Support; and the QETI award for Best Pathway Program.

IES also runs CHRYSALIS: the Summer School in association with The University of Queensland’s Emmanuel College. CHRYSALIS is an exclusive program with a maximum of 40 participants, focussing on youth leadership development for Australian and international students in their final two years of schooling. The program introduces students to the concepts and ideas of leadership, bringing together both community and industry leaders from around the world to discuss key issues facing current and future leaders. Participants also engage in Business Island, a virtual business simulation that hones communication, problem solving and decision making skills. On top of the excellent academic program, students also have fun engaging in many social and community activities.

Corporate mission

"To help individuals achieve success through excellence, innovation and growth."