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General FAQs

Which countries do the students come from?

IES Foundation Year students come from approximately 40 countries all around the world including:

Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, USA, Africa, Ecuador and many more.

What if I am having difficulty in one or more subjects?

Your teacher will carefully monitor your academic progress during your IES Foundation Year studies. If you require extra support, your teacher may develop an Individual Study Plan (ISP) which is designed to guide you through part of your studies. It works like an agreement between you and your teacher to help you maintain study focus and address any current academic issues.

If I have not studied a subject before can I study it in the IES Foundation Year program?

Yes, but all students are expected to have studied some Mathematics.

Who is International Education Services?

International Education Services, commonly known as IES, is the company that delivers IES Foundation Year.

It has a long-term exclusive contract to deliver a foundation program to prepare students for entry into undergraduate programs at The University of Queensland.

How do I get more information?

You can make contact with IES.

The Enrolments Manager

International Education Services Ltd
PO Box 989 Spring Hill 4004
Queensland Australia

Telephone: 61 7 3832 7699
Fax:              61 7 3832 9850

How much does the course cost?

You can learn more about the fees structure by viewing the Fees section under the Program Information area on this website.

Will I get accepted into any other Australian universities?

Although there are no formal arrangements with other Universities, our students have been readily accepted into other Australian Universities without problems.

Are students under 18 accepted into the program?

Students aged 16 and a half years and over at the commencement of the program can be accepted into IES Foundation Year program.

Students aged 16 to 16 and a half years will be considered on a case by case basis.

What services are available for student under the age of 18?

A guardianship service is available for students under the age of 18.

Also IES must approve of the students living arrangements.
See the Accommodation section.

Is there a fee for guardianship services?

The guardianship service is provided free of charge whilst the student is enrolled in IES Foundation year.

What services does are provided for prospective Music (piano) students?

Onsite piano tutoring is provided for prospective Music (piano) students from a resident piano tutor. It is compulsory for prospective Music (piano) students to attend a minimum of six (6) sessions. Payment must be made in full through Accounts at the beginning of the semester. Click here for more information on the piano tutor.

Detailed information can be found in the Student Handbook