FAQs for Parents

For Parents

Is Brisbane a safe place to live and visit?

Brisbane is amongst the safest cities in Australia to live and study. For its size, Brisbane has an exceptionally low crime rate. A significant police presence and strong community awareness are factors that contribute to Brisbane's secure environment.

What is the cost of living in Brisbane?

As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane has one of the lowest costs of living of all major Australian cities. It is approximately 20 percent cheaper than living in Sydney and Melbourne.

What is the weather like in Brisbane?

Summer daytime temperatures generally average 28-30°C. Winter is mild and very pleasant. Most winter days are sunny with average temperatures of around 20°C dropping to around 10-12°C in the evenings. As one of Australia's most liveable cities, Brisbane attracts visitors from around Australia and the world.

Can students work in Brisbane while they are studying?

Students receive permission to work with their student visa. They do not need to apply separately in Australia for permission to work.

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Are support services available to IES Foundation Year students?

Student support services and other free and confidential services are avilable to all IES Foundation Year students as part of their studies. Counsellors help students adjust to their new academic environment and assist them with academic and personal issues. There are also support services for remedial tutorials, accommodation and airport pick-up.

For more information, see the Support Services section.

Can parents request updates on their childs results?

A parent can be provided with an overview of a student's academic progress. All students are constantly assessed and their progress is reviewed. The Student Services Manager can provide, on request, current feedback for parents on their child's performance.