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Alex Xian



Undergraduate Course:

Bachelor of Engineering




The way we were taught was enjoyable for me; the teachers were all nice and cool.


My education agent told me that IES Foundation Year was a good place to study to help me enter The University of Queensland. The teaching style was very enjoyable and the teachers were all nice and cool. The atmosphere at IES Foundation Year was also very good. I made a lot of new friends there.

I also really enjoy the atmosphere in Brisbane. It’s very relaxed and the people are very friendly.

IES Foundation Year is a lovely place to study, especially as a first step to study in Australia. If you are afraid of studying in a new environment it is a big help. Also, there are many fantastic activities and festivals being held at IES every year.

To make the most of your stay here, I think you should join some activities, make friends with other students and live with Australian Homestay family.