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Amedeo Bruzzone



Undergraduate Course:





IES Foundation Year is an important introduction to student life in Brisbane


I joined IES Foundation Yearbecause I was very interested in coming to Australia. I was told that it be better for me to study first at IES Foundation Year. I think it was a great decision; foundation introduced me to the student life in Australia.

The thing that I most enjoyed about IES Foundation Year is the freedom that it gives, while still being an efficient education facility. It promotes awareness of student duties and responsibilities of being a young adult. I think it is an important and necessary introduction to student life in Brisbane. It is essential for some international students to have reinforced English teaching and also it levels all students at a same knowledge so that we, the students, are equipped with the necessary elements for UQ.

IES Foundation Year is important for all international students. I believe it gives an advantage to all students that want to study at UQ. It is very aimed and has a clear goal of commitment towards its students.