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Barbie Lo



Undergraduate Course:



Hong Kong


IES Foundation Yearis a good pathway into UQ


IES Foundation Year is a good pathway into The University of Queensland and it makes it easier for me to reach my goal of becoming a physiotherapist. It also provides students with a lot of practical preparation for university like referencing.

I met many friends from different backgrounds and it was a good opportunity to learn different cultures. In addition, the staff and teachers were very nice. They guided me in academic areas and helped me adapt to Brisbane.

One of the greatest benefits is learning how to write a proper academic essay with correct referencing and how to do research on my topic. I also learnt how to collect and analyse data.

The things you learn in IES Foundation Year can help you adjust to university life. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to meet friends from all over the world and learn their culture. Why not give it a try?