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Panhanon No



Undergraduate Course:

International Hotel and Tourism Management




IES Foundation Year provides an excellent pathway to UQ


IES Foundation Year provides an excellent pathway to The University of Queensland. Students have a lot of guidance from their teachers and learn critical thinking abilities to give their own opinions on assessments. I want to make my hometown in Cambodia an eco-tourism destination for the world in the future.

One of the benefits I would say is the research skills you learn in IES Foundation Year. In the beginning, I found it extremely difficult. Now, I enjoy it and cannot stop researching the topics I want to learn more about. The teaching pace also makes it easy to learn.

I was able to take part in school activities such as the Student Council Board and the Student Dance committee. IES also offered me a place in the prestigious CHRYSALIS Young Leaders which allowed me to develop my leadership skills.

Besides being an opportunity to experience and get used to university, you can learn many different things in IES Foundation Year, such as leadership skills and research skills and make many friends from different cultural backgrounds.