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Dong Yeol Lee



Undergraduate Course:





After studying here, my listening and speaking skills have improved


Korea is very different from Australia, in terms of education systems, culture, food and climates. I thought that if I prepare first by going to IES Foundation Year it will be better for me when I go to UQ. I really want to study psychology and then a Masters degree.

Because I lived most my life in Korea, I was concerned that I would have a lot of misunderstandings when I talk or listen to people in a different language. After studying here, though, my listening and speaking skills have improved. I have also learnt the basic concepts needed for going on to university.

I like meeting new people and there are many international students studying IES Foundation Year. I’ve made friends from China, the Middle East and Russia and when I talk to them I get to learn a little more about their culture. I also play basketball with my friends which is a lot of fun.

Studying IES Foundation Year will really help you for university. You will get a good understanding of the education system and the life in Australia.