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Merzooka Abu-Musa



Undergraduate Course:

Health Sciences




IES Foundation Year increased my self-confidence and improved my work


I graduated from IES Foundation Year last year. The program really helped to prepare me for university and the education system of Australia. It also helped me overcome culture shock from studying in a new country.

Now I am at UQ studying a Bachelor of Health Science. My goals for future are to do something for myself and for society. I want to help people with disabilities, senior citizens and people who are need.

I really liked the learning style of IES Foundation Year. Students are assessed on more than just their exams and unit tests. They are assessed on every project, seminar and presentation. This was a benefit because it increased my self-confidence and improved my work. Studying IES Foundation year also helped me to increase my problem-solving skills.

Don’t waste time and apply for IES Foundation Year! It will not only allow you to build your self-confidence by also experience living in a diverse, multi-cultural city!