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Le Vu Nguyen



Undergraduate Course:





I now have the skills and knowledge required for university in Australia


Le Vu says: I chose IES Foundation Year because of its international reputation for excellent university preparation. I wanted to equip myself with the skills and knowledge required for tertiary education in Australia, and I made some great relationships with my peers and the staff here. This has made me feel like IES Foundation Year is my second home here in Australia.

The most important thing about studying overseas is not to expect too much from the country you're going to. Its culture and lifestyle may significantly differ from that of your home country; thus you have to learn how to accept and respect the differences. It is part of what makes this experience so valuable. I am proud to receive this scholarship and hope that I can contribute fully to the student life at the University of Queensland.

Le Vu Nguyen, Recipient of the 2008 UQ Scholarship in economics.