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Jia Yan See



Undergraduate Course:

Bachelor of Pharmacy


Peninsula Malaysia


I chose IES Foundation Year because it offers Scholarships for Malaysian students that cover 50% of the tuition fee. Also, the beautiful and quiet environment and friendly people makes Brisbane a great place to live and study


IES Foundation Year has a relaxed environment and pace of study as well as friendly staff that are also very helpful. The program assists my preparation for UQ: I have learned skills that are helpful at uni and terms related to my field of study in English. I enjoyed very much social activities that IES Foundation Year organised, such as school.

My goal is to achieve an Honours degree in Pharmacy, and further studies in Business field. I am also aiming for Post Graduate studies in industrial pharmacy and become a consultant pharmacist.

I strongly recommend you to come to the IES Foundation Year Program, it is a good pathway to get into a renowned University, and a good start to get to know the place better before being pushed into University. There are very supportive staffs, and it will make you a good enjoyable experience.