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Catherine Musumba



Undergraduate Course:

Bachelor of Commerce




IES Foundation Year offers opportunities to meet other international students and make new friends


I chose the IES Foundation Year program because it was explained to me that it could help enhance my knowledge and preparation for UQ. As well as it offers opportunities to meet other international students and make new friends.

Studying IES Foundation Year has assisted me quite a lot by widening my knowledge and skills and giving me the opportunity to adjust well in my studies in preparation for UQ. I studied accounting, business management and economics, including mathematics and English which are compulsory. I am looking forward to doing commerce at UQ. My career goal is to be an accountant in foreign affairs, because I want to travel around and learn and experience new lifestyles. What I like the most is that the teachers are helpful, understanding and great to talk to if you need help.

Brisbane, Australia and IES Foundation Year are the best places to study because it will enhance your knowledge and enable you to enrol at UQ to further your career. UQ is one of the best university’s in Australia. So do not let this opportunity pass you by because Brisbane is a wonderful place to live and study as it is affordable and the people here are wonderful and friendly. It has beautiful, amazing surroundings and atmosphere. To study here in Brisbane is wonderful, it has some of the best universities that you could benefit from.