Scholarship Recipient

Sophia Cao

China, 2012

I joined IES Foundation Year because it has a very good reputation not only within Australia but also overseas. IES Foundation Year provides students with a useful preparation for university that makes our study much easier compared with other students who have done the program. My future career goal is to be an economic advisor or analyst.

I enjoyed the teaching style most at IES Foundation Year . In different classes teachers let students do various activities in order to understand the knowledge from the text book. This makes classes more interesting and vivid.

Brisbane has a quiet living and studying environment. There is plenty of fresh air, pure blue sky and many interesting places to visit.

At IES Foundation Year, I received a good preparation for my university study, made friends from different countries and learnt how to study more efficiently. IES Foundation Year is a high quality school that helps students enter The University of Queensland, a university ranked in the top 100 universities in the world!