Scholarship Recipient

Hirudo Yu-Chun

Taiwan, 2012

IES Foundation Year is a nice place for the preparation of university study with friendly and knowledgeable teachers. I would like to study Economics at UQ and then study a masters or even PhD! I want to be an economist and writer who introduces economic thinking to the public.

At IES Foundation Year , I learnt knowledge that will benefit me at university. I also made many friends in foundation and they make it easier for me to adapt to university life and make friends at UQ.

Brisbane is a great city for studying. I like studying in the State Library which provides a quiet and clean environment. Studying in IES is also great because there are many resources available to help me when I study. Brisbane is an international city and it has broadened my horizons which is helpful for my future both in study and work.

Studying in IES Foundation Year is a chance to get a great education and meet people from different countries. IES Foundation Year provides a good environment for studying and all the teachers are willing to answer your question which is good for learning new concepts.