Scholarship Recipient

Hikari Nagai

Japan, 2012

I joined IES Foundation Year because I thought it would provide me with the strategies I needed to get through uni. Having studied high school in Japan, it was also a great chance for me to improve my English. I enjoyed how everyone at IES Foundation Year came from different backgrounds and we could talk about topics from different cultural views. It made me even more aware of global problems.

I am currently studying Nursing & Midwifery at UQ. My goal is to go to countries that are in need of medical help and help to improve women’s and children's health as well as empowering them. I received the Nursing/Midwifery scholarship and it has made me even more determined to make my dreams come true. I have been able to push myself to do better than I expected myself to do.

Don't be scared to open new doors! I think that it's really important for young people in Japan to have a more global view of things and IES Foundation Year is the perfect place to do it. Just believe in yourself and take that big step forward because I promise you won't regret it.