Scholarship Recipient

Amanda Tan

China, 2012

IES Foundation Year is a fabulous place to prepare for university. It’s like a big brother that helps you familiarize yourself with the social, cultural and political issues in Australia. It also gives you plenty of skills that are necessary for university life. I am studying Electrical Engineering at UQ, and hopefully can become an extraordinary female engineer especially in the development of smart power grids.

Studying foundation was the first step for me to study overseas. I made lots of friends there and learnt more about Australia. The teachers are lovely there; they are really kind and friendly and did help me a lot for any time in need. It taught me how to write an essay or a report, which is important at university. It also taught me about the history, politics, and culture all around Australia, and improved my English.

Winning the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Scholarship was great encouragement for me. It made me feel more confident going into university.

IES Foundation Year is not only an excellent guide for uni, but also a second family for you. It helps you get used to life in Brisbane and gives you the knowledge to help you. You can achieve your goals at IES Foundation Year .