Scholarship Recipient

Ryoko Yahagi

Japan, 2012

I chose to study at UQ because the courses there matched what I wanted to study. IES Foundation Year is the most efficient and effective pathway to UQ so I chose to study there before going onto UQ. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in 'World Literatures and Cultures' and Spanish at UQ. My goal is to be a television reporter, who introduces diverse daily cultures all over the world to the viewers.

I enjoyed the communicative environment at IES Foundation Year . The class sizes are small and held frequently so it is easy to have close relationships with teachers and friends. Because of this it gave me academic confidence. The program taught us strategies to cope with assessment at universities. Through exercises, such as writing essays, reports and giving presentations, we got a sense of how to deal with them. After graduating from IES Foundation Year , I was more confident going onto university.

Winning the Arts Scholarship allowed me to explore my cultural studies more deeply. I think the most effective way to deepen you understanding of cultures is to visit places and observe and interact with local people there. With the reduction on my tuition fee by the scholarship, it became easier for me to plan trips for the intellectual purpose.

Brisbane is comfortable place to study; it is safer compared to other big cities in Australia so that I can feel relieved to live here and can even concentrate on my study as a result. Also, the multicultural environment of Brisbane enhances my filed of study; there are a lot of cultural experiences, such as ethnic festivals, and opportunities to communicate with people from diverse countries in Brisbane.

IES Foundation Year is helpful for people who had never lived or studied overseas before to successfully continue international student lives!