Student Lifestyle

Students enjoy one of the best lifestyles in Australia and the world. In the 2017 QS Best Student Cities index, Brisbane was ranked number 20 in the world and 3rd in Australia. With one of the highest student ratios of any city in the index, IES Foundation Year students enjoy not only a multicultural and diverse educational experience, but a multicultural and diverse city as well.

As a multicultural city, Brisbane celebrates its diversity with many festivals throughout the year, including Paniyiri, a Greek festival; Lunar New Year; and Brisbane Festival, a month-long arts festival showcasing contemporary theatre, music and dance. The city also boasts a network of communities, meaning students can connect with people from their own cultures or learn more about others.

A contemporary city, students can enjoy restaurant and cafe, entertainment and arts precincts throughout Brisbane. It is a green city and students can also study in one of the many parks and gardens in the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

With its near perfect climate, Queensland is one of the most attractive places to live in Australia. Brisbane experiences more than 250 days of sunshine each year, has mild winters and some of the country’s best beaches north and south of the city.

Queensland attracts more than 50 per cent of all international tourists to Australia and has a diverse range of activities for students to enjoy.

As an IES College student, you will have access to a range of activities to experience more of the city including horse riding, surfing, rock climbing, theme parks and city tours.