Foundation Year

IES Foundation Year

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A limited number of Scholarships for Outstanding IESFY Students is available for each of the 2021 IESFY intakes. Successful IESFY applicants with superior English proficiency and academic grades may be entitled to a semester two fee reduction of 25 per cent. To be considered for a 2021 Outstanding IESFY Scholarship, students must:

Application Process:

  1. Students fill out the IESFY Scholarship for Outstanding Students 2021 Application Form by the due date, prior to commencement of their IESFY studies.
  2. Students provide this completed application form to their Approved IES Education Agent/Representative.
  3. The Agent Representative will submit the completed Scholarship Application Form as a component of the Student's application to IESFY.
  4. Upon 'Confirmation of Enrolment' into IESFY, the Student will be notified via their Agent as to whether the Scholarship has been approved and awarded.
  5. The scholarship will be conditional upon the students' successful progression into Semester Two of their IESFY studies.
  6. The awarded scholarship will therefore represent a 25% reduction in the students' semester two tuition fees.

All scholarship decisions are at the Director's discretion and cannot be used in combination with any other fee reduction arrangement.
For enquiries or further support, please contact:

Applications for each intake are due by the following dates: