Foundation Year

IES General English (097244M)

Five students talking


Students must be over 16 years of age to enter the General English programme at IES. There is no minimum English requirement for entry to General English. Students will take a placement test on their first day of class. Through the production of a portfolio of work, students can move between levels as their language proficiency develops.

To enter General English, students need take a placement test to determine the level they can study which can be one of the following:


Elementary provides a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills. This level is for complete beginners and those who need to brush up on the basics.


Pre-Intermediate has a topic-based syllabus with task-based learning at its core. It's focused on developing students' accuracy and fluency.


This level continues the multilayered and communicative approach with task-based learning at its core.

Upper Intermediate

Upper Intermediate extends and expands on the language and skills developed through the previous levels.

Flexible Study to help you progress

Every three to four weeks, students will have the opportunity to move between levels through the successful production of a portfolio of work

General English Level CEFR level IELTS overall Cambridge English Scale overall PTE Academic overall TOEFL
Elementary A1 3.0 100-129 10-19 20-24
Pre-Intermediate A2+ 4.0 130-146 20-28 25-31
Intermediate B1 4.5 147-153 29-35 32-34
Upper Intermediate B1+ 5.0 154-161 36-41 35-45