Foundation Year

IES General English (097244M)

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The General English program is suitable for students at a range of English Levels commencing at Elementary, and including Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate. The course is delivered via face to face study in a classroom setting.

The General English course is flexible in structure and delivery, and students can choose between the morning or afternoon classes.

Beginners or if you need to brush
on basic English language skills.
Learn grammar, vocabulary and communication skills.
A1 3.0 100-129 10-19 20-24
Focus on developing English language accuracy and fluency. This is a topic-based syllabus with task-based learning at its core.
A2+ 4.0 130-146 20-28 25-31
This level continues the multilayered and communicative approach with task-based learning at its core.
B1 4.5 147-153 29-35 32-34
Stay longer and extend and expand on the language and skills you developed through the previous levels.
B1+ 5.0 154-161 36-41 35-45

A unique feature of IES College's General English Program is the inclusion of four hours of free electives per week. Students can choose from a range of interest areas that focus on specific skills and knowledge that will improve their language and communication skills.
Students can choose from:

Cultural Competence Program

This program is an online training course developed in conjunction with our partners, SBS, a national TV broadcaster; and Multicultural NSW, a government agency. It is aimed at building capability and capacity around cultural diversity in the workplace. It features engaging multimedia learning modules and a wealth of resources; and is a recognised professional development activity in major Australian businesses. Students who complete the course receive a certificate for their resume.

Virtual Business Enterprise

In collaboration with The University of Queensland's Business School, IES College developed VBE as an engaging way to apply business and decision-making skills in a virtual business world. It's an exciting way to learn that facilitates real-time messaging within a virtual business group and economy. Learn teamwork skills and how to run a Start-Up business. Compete to win!

Indigenous Art

IES College is renowned for its unique and extensive Indigenous art collection. In a series of workshops with local Aboriginal artists in residence, students will explore Indigenous culture through art and design while making their own artwork. A truly unforgettable Australian experience!

Skills for Careers

Students can learn English with a focus on their careers. Classes will include job readiness workshops, writing a resume, preparing for an interview and how to communicate in business in Australia.

Living Like a Local

Visit places only locals know about, become a BBQ legend, learn how to sing Waltzing Matilda, and more. This series of fun and Australian-focused workshops will develop student's communicative skills and Aussie slang.

Academic Preparation

Students can build the confidence and skills needed to succeed in academic study and use English in a globalised world. They can practice skills such as essay writing, making effective presentations, describing graphs and charts, listening and note taking, and reading and summarising journal articles. This is a great elective for students interested in exploring university studies in Australia or needing to take an English language test.