Foundation Year


International Education Services (IES) has a proud history of preparing international students for the University of Queensland through our Foundation Year and English language programs. Since 1997, more than 8,000 students have continued on to study undergraduate degrees. Throughout our 20 year history and emergence of new programs, we have taken care to maintain our core value of excellence in education. We strive to provide all students with an excellent experience through high-quality programs and student services, ensuring they get the most out of their studies and life in Australia.

Bringing together education, culture, art, experiences, IES prides itself on offering extraordinary experiences to its students. Through our Artist-in-Residence program, Aboriginal Art Gallery, site visits and sponsorship to extraordinary destinations, we provide our students a unique way to experience education.

artist in residence


Recent Artists-in-Residence have included Brisbane-based and Bentinck Island born Kaiadilt artist, Claudia Moodoonuthi, who worked with IES students on the collaborative painting Mapping Culture (2017), as well as a series of painted skateboards. In 2018, IES brought an Indigenous artist from Columbia, Eliana Muchachasoy, to collaborate with students in painting a mural, and to introduce a broader view of Indigenous affairs that are not confined to Australia.

Have a look below at our 2018 Artists in Residence Program.

As part of the IES Artists in Residence program IES College students have been lucky to have had the chance to paint with amazing artists from the Ikuntji Artists Centre and to exhibit their artwork at an IES art event.


Art has the capacity to generate cross-cultural engagement and provides regular opportunities for IES students and staff to work alongside Indigenous artists through our Artist-in-Residence program. Dedicated galleries exhibit art through themes that include Kinship and Country, and Political Art. In 2019, IES will open a Microscopy Gallery, an initiative which seeks connections between Indigenous art practice and the representation of the natural world through high-resolution, microscopic imagery.

artist in residence

Managing Director of IES College, Chris Evason takes us on a tour of the IES College Art Gallery. With a strong connection to Indigenous art and history, this video provides an insight into what our gallery is about.

ikuntji community


As part of IES' work with Indigenous communities, we have established strong, reciprocal working relationships with a number of key regional art centres, particularly Ikuntji Artists situated in Ikuntji/Haasts Bluff in the Northern Territory, west of Alice Springs. This relationship allows IES students and staff to travel to Ikuntji to visit and meet with the community, and resulted in IES' donation of a mini bus to the art centre to assist with the mobility of community members. IES students work with Ikuntji Artists-in-Residence to help design and paint their own objects, to express cultural identity and solidarity with Indigenous Australians.

IES' partner the Ikuntji Artists Centre in Central Australia putting the donated IES Foundation Year bus to use, meeting the transportation needs for its community members. What a feeling seeing the joy and support it's brought to Haasts Bluff.


IES occasionally grants the Adventure Scholarship to extraordinary destinations. The inaugural scholarship was awarded to Foundation Year and University of Queensland Alumni Chi Wa Iao. Wa Iao travelled to Antarctica with environmentalist and hero, Robert Swan, during his 2017 Antarctic Expedition to raise awareness about climate change and global warming.

Have a look at the video below to find out more!

ies antartica

International Education Services College alumni, Chi Wa Lao, interviews polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan during their 2017 Antarctic Expedition as part of the 2041 Climate Force project.

More videos are available on the IES College YouTube channel. Our Photo gallery can be seen on the IES College Flickr account .