IES Foundation Year Online Program

Our online delivery of the IES Foundation Year Online Program is fully endorsed by the University of Queensland, your pathway to a top 50 university in Australia. You will gain the same high quality academic and English skills as our in-class experience.

Our online program is easy to enrol in, giving you 24/7 access to our high quality content and resources all from your home. All course materials and activities are adapted for online learning, so you gain the same knowledge, skills, and credentials as you would face to face.

The only difference between our online program and the on campus one is you study 100% online - your study program is not compromised.

Start online and finish on campus

You can start your course online now and once things settle down, you could be studying on campus with your friends in no time. Our online program has the exact same timeframe as our face to face classes, so you can transition to the University of Queensland as planned (pending issuance of your Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE).

Your student visa

You won't lose any time waiting to travel and you don't need a Student Visa to get started. However, when the travel ban lifts, you will need to have your Student Visa to travel to Australia to study on campus. Going through the CoE checks before you enrol online will ensure you are one step closer to coming to Australia.

Your online studies and assessment outcomes will be accepted for progression into the University of Queensland as planned. That way, when borders re-open, you can easily transfer to our in-class experience, or to the University of Queensland.

Enroling in the IES Foundation Year Online Program gives you the skills and support to prepare you for any future study in Australia.

Welcome from IES Managing Director

Chris Evason

IES Managing Director

Online delivery

Our Foundation Year online delivery is an enjoyable and interactive experience. You will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to be successful at university. You will experience a rich learning environment where you will have 24/7 access to all the expertise, support, and resources you need:

UQ recognised

You can progress to the University of Queensland as planned

Online lessons

Delivered through our interactive and custom designed learning platform Moodle

Teacher Expertise

Fully qualified with extensive experience in preparing international students for university study

Progress Checks

Teachers monitor your progress every week to help you stay on track


Our Voice Intellect application has key word searches and transcription to help you review content and develop your skills and understanding


Live question and answer sessions, forums, quizzes and online activities make learning interactive and fun

Virtual Labs

Science students will practice essential laboratory skills in our virtual labs. Also used by students at UQ, these online labs are the perfect simulated environment.

Virtual Business eCommerce

Business students will experience our simulated online retail environment where they will engage in real life business transactions.

Virtual Art Gallery

The Virtual Art Gallery gives all of our Humanities and Design students access to our unique Aboriginal Art Collection.

World class academic support

Our team are here to help, ensuring you stay on track throughout the course.

  • Teachers are assigned small groups of students to provide you with live individual support and contact when you need it.
  • Regular checkpoint tasks help teachers to monitor your progress and provide you with constructive feedback.
  • Forums in each subject allow you to post a question and receive a response within 24 hours.
  • There is a dedicated ‘Academic Support' page in Moodle where students can access a range of support tools.
  • Teaching staff and Student Services staff monitor class attendance, Moodle engagement, and academic progress. Students who are not attending and/or engaging online will be individually contacted.
  • Dedicated support for all IT issues can be accessed online.
    • Moodle support: moodle@iescollege.com
    • IT support: helpdesk@iescollege.com

Caring student support and welfare

Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

Our caring IES Counsellors and Study Advisors provide student support to all students at IES and are available via phone, email, and Zoom web-conferencing. Our Student Services staff go above and beyond to ensure your journey within IES is successful and memorable.

  • Live orientation session to help you get set up and ready for online learning
  • Confidential advice and assistance to all students via one on one consultations.
  • Assistance with any administration or enrolment questions you might have.
  • Regular wellness checks with under 18 students.
  • Dedicated student support and welfare can be accessed online: info@iescollege.com

Our online delivery model

We utilise four modes of delivery, meaning you will have continuous opportunities for live interactions with your teachers and friends. You will discuss tasks, ask questions and solve problems on a daily basis.


Live online classes

Teachers meet live with small groups of students using Zoom web-conferencing for 60 minutes each week. Teachers will help you review your lessons and guide you through the material and tasks for the week ahead.


Interactive self-directed study

Students work through assigned lessons via Moodle, our online learning platform. Lessons contain a rich range of resources, including videos using our Voice Intellect software; reading materials with interactive quizzes; and a variety of tasks.


Live question and answer sessions

Teachers meet live with all students in the subject using Zoom web-conferencing. Students work together through tasks and review content in an interactive question and answer style. These sessions are recorded for review purposes.


Individual support

Students are fully supported with their online learning. Teachers monitor students' progress and provide feedback every week through the completion of checkpoint tasks. Students can post a question to a forum at any time and receive a response within 24 hours.

Our online platforms

The IES Foundation Year online program uses several different platforms that are fully integrated to ensure that you have the most effective and user-friendly learning experience.


Moodle is our custom built, state of the art, online learning platform. This is where you can access your lessons and interactive tasks in your individual subjects. Each of your subjects in Moodle gives you access to the curriculum, resources, teaching announcements, forums, assessments, submission tools, and links to the Zoom web-conferencing tool with recordings of each Q&A session. Moodle video here.

Zoom Web-Conferencing

Web conferencing is available within each subject on Moodle. It is easy to use and an effective tool for live online lessons. All students can access IES Zoom through Moodle without needing a separate account. Teachers will interact directly with you using Zoom by taking you through challenging problems, explaining concepts in detail, and giving you tasks to complete by yourself or in a small group. Zoom can be easily accessed on any device. It has a range of interactive features:

Your teachers can share documents or their computer screen with you.

You can share documents or your computer screen with your teacher and classmates.

Teachers and students can communicate through video, voice, and written chat.

Teachers can create ‘break-out' rooms for small group work. They can move between rooms to help each group.

Students can participate in game-based quizzes and learning as part of the lesson.

Each Q&A session is recorded and can be accessed through Moodle, so that you can review them whenever you need.

Voice-Intellect Video Software

This state of the art tool is used to enhance your video watching experience. You can watch key learning videos with English language transcription to increase your understanding of core concepts. The tool includes a variety of features including,

  • English language transcription so that you can read and listen at the same time.
  • A range of playback speeds so that you can learn at your pace.
  • A keyword search tool so that you can easily review core concepts.
  • A keyword translation tool so that you can quickly understand new words.

Assessment Tools

Our assessment tools ensure you are assessed reliably and securely. All you will need is a computer (laptop or desktop), a web camera, a headset with microphone, and an internet connection. Examinations are conducted online and include remote proctoring, ensuring that your exam results are accurate and fair. All written assignments are submitted through our Moodle platform using Turnitin, the plagiarism software tool used by the University of Queensland. Turnitin promotes academic integrity and improves student outcomes. Our combination of assessment tools and academic support ensures that your grades accurately reflect your ability.



  • Our orientation will provide guidelines about how to study online and what support you will receive.
  • All students will be introduced to Moodle, our online learning platform. We will provide clear instructions on how to access all of our online learning materials.

The online curriculum is the same as the program studied face to face with identical assessment, content and quality.


  • The majority of the Zoom web conferencing lessons are held between 10am and 5pm (10:00 to 17:00 hrs) Australian Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday. You will be studying with students from all over the world so we make every effort to ensure that lessons are held during the day for all students. It is expected that you attend these lessons.
  • Actual lesson times with the teacher will vary depending on your timetable for the subjects you are studying.
  • You will be notified about your schedule when you begin your program.
  • You will also be required to do additional self-directed study outside of these allocated online hours.
  • For example, within the Foundation Year Program you must take 5 subjects. Each subject includes roughly five hours self-directed study, one hour live online class, and one hour live Q&A session. So this will mean roughly 35 hours of study a week.


  • Attendance at all live online classes is compulsory. Both teaching staff and Student Services staff monitor class attendance and Moodle engagement. Students who are not attending and/or engaging online will be contacted.
  • At least 80% attendance is required for your online study to be certified by the University of Queensland.


  • All assessment will be in English and delivered and submitted within Moodle.
  • Formal assessments have been designed for online delivery. Assessment may include, submission of a written assignment using Turnitin software; live oral presentations; recorded video presentations; portfolio of work; experiments; case studies; and examinations.
  • To understand the assessment requirements, please refer to individual Subject Guides.


  • All instruction is in English
  • All live online classes are a maximum of 25 students and may be less depending on the subject.
  • All assignments, information and self-directed study and homework will be provided securely and privately via Moodle.
  • Live Q&A sessions will be recorded, so that you can watch from home for revision purposes.
  • To understand the learning goals, key objectives and skills for each area of study, please refer to individual Subject Guides.

Your timetable

Here are some sample timetables of a typical week.
These include the different modes of study. Self-Directed Study can be done at any time, so you can move these blocks to suit your time zone.

IES Foundation Studies Online Program: Arts Stream
IES Foundation Studies Online Program: Science Stream
IES Foundation Studies Online Program: Business Stream

What subjects will I study?

Students study five subjects in the IES Foundation Year Online Program. Your specific subjects will vary depending on your undergraduate aim. There are eleven options to choose from:

NOTE: Students studying May Express 2021 can no longer choose Architecture or Information Technology as a subjects.



Academic English
Humanities & Social Sciences
Behavioural Science

HASS Pathway

Academic English
Humanities & Social Sciences
Behavioural Science
Business Management


Academic English
Humanities & Social Sciences



Academic English
Behavioural Science
Business Management


Academic English
Business Management


Life Science

Academic English
Behavioural Science

Natural Science

Academic English
Behavioural Science


Pure Science

Academic English


Applied Science

Academic English


Information Science

Academic English
Information Technology


This stream allows you to take any degree

Academic English
Business Management
Behavioural Science


August Standard 2020: 6 October online commencement
October Express 2020: 9 November online commencement
For further information about program dates, please go to: https://foundationyear.com/foundation-year/home.html

August Standard 2020 Online Orientation: 6 October 2020
October Express 2020 Online Orientation: 6 November 2020
January Extended 2021 Online Orientation: 4 January 2021
February Standard 2021 Online Orientation: 19 February 2021 (Face to Face 15 February 2021)

IES cannot accept late starts for online study as the main reason that we normally show some flexibility here is due to visa and travel delays which do not apply to online study.

You can use either Apple or Windows for your online studies. We have tested both and are confident that there will be minimal problems regardless of the equipment or systems that you are operating at home. We use Zoom web-conferencing which has video and sound capabilities, so it's important to have a webcam and microphone.

Yes, live classes and Moodle checkpoints are compulsory, as you will be commencing your course online, and will be expected to attend in that same way as you would be if you were physically in class in Australia. We expect at least 80% attendance.

Students study five subjects. There are a combination of core and elective subjects depending on your chosen undergraduate degree.
For more information about the subjects for your chosen program, please click here: https://foundationyear.com/foundation-year/program-info.html

The IES Foundation Year Online Program staff have been successfully conducting the February Standard online delivery of the Foundation Year Program for the past few months and are skilled and experienced in the online mode of educational delivery.

Yes, you will have a combination of formative and formal tasks and assignments as normal just like if you were physically in Australia, these will be submitted through Moodle.

Teachers record student attendance in all live classes. Students can request their attendance records via info@iescollege.com. If issues arise, teaching staff and Student Services staff will contact the student and parent (where appropriate).

Teachers monitor engagement in online lessons and checkpoints and provide regular feedback. Students also receive a mid-course report at the end of Term 2 that provides information about grades and a comment from their teacher. If issues arise, teaching staff and Student Services staff will contact the student and parent (where appropriate). You are always welcome to contact us via info@iescollege.com.

The same teachers that are teaching the students in Australia will be delivering your online subjects, depending on availability of individual teachers.

We recommend going through the CoE checks prior to enrolling online to reduce the risk of a visa rejection.
In order to ensure that you have the best chance of obtaining your visa, we expect students to submit their visa application by the end of Term One.
However, we acknowledge that even once we have issued the CoE, there is still a small possibility that some students may have their visas refused, in which case, we will provide a full refund of the course fees whether you have already studied part of your course or not.

We check our student's country of residence prior to timetabling so the majority of live classes and question and answer sessions will be delivered during your daylight hours. It is expected that you attend these lessons.
Live question and answer sessions will also be recorded, so that you can watch from home for revision purposes or if you miss a class due to illness or other valid reasons. You will also be required to do additional independent study outside of these allocated hours. You can find a sample timetable here.

We have no reason to think that you will fall behind, as you will be studying at the same pace as your classmates in Australia. We will have teaching staff and Student Services staff available who will be dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for you once you arrive in Australia.

Due to difficulty in accessing IELTS, TOEFL or PTE tests, IES can now provide enrolled IES Foundation Year students, if required, a free online English language proficiency placement test.
Following commencement to IES Foundation Year, students enrolled via the online placement test will still be required to sit a formal English test. IES will give priority to IESFY students to sit a PTE Academic test, free of charge, at the IES Pearson test centre.
Please note, students sitting for the IES placement test must set up their own account; this cannot be done by an Agent representative.
Students and Agents can contact the enrolment office for more information about the test: info@fdn.uq.edu.au

We have selected platforms that we are confident will operate in all regions, so this should not be a problem for you. If you experience any technical problems, you can email :
- Moodle support: moodle@iescollege.com
- IT support: helpdesk@iescollege.com

In line with UQ's recent announcement of their Offshore Online Study Tuition Fee Rebate initiative, IES will also be taking the following steps to support our students:
12.5% IES COVID-19 Offshore Online Study Tuition Fee Rebate If students are currently overseas and prevented from travelling to Australia due to the Australian Government border controls and will be commencing study with IES online in our August, October or November 2020 cohorts from their home country, they may be eligible for an IES COVID-19 Offshore Online Study Tuition Fee Rebate.

Students will need to be a full-fee paying international student enrolled with IES. The rebate will provide a 12.5% reduction of their tuition fees. Please note, this fee reduction cannot be combined with any other scholarship.

$2000 Contribution towards two-week Quarantine costs and other Assistance Services If students are currently overseas, IES will provide services and arrange accommodation up to the value of $2000 when they are able to travel to Australia to continue their studies but are subject to 2 weeks supervised quarantine. This will include:

- Accommodation for two weeks (arranged through an IES approved provider);
- Airport pickup to transport to accommodation;
- Food and necessities starter pack;
- Welfare contact to assist with transition to UQ and Brisbane;
- Access to counsellors (mental health and wellbeing);
- Access to international student advisers;
- Access to the student accommodation team to assist in finding the right home after the two-week quarantine;
- Access to online-based social activities;
- Access to a student mentor.

No Tuition Fee Increase for 2021 The impact that COVID-19 is having on societies globally is profound and we are committed to delivering knowledge leadership for a better world. To ensure that international students can still access a quality education IES will not increase fees for 2021. Tuition fees will therefore remain at the 2020 level.

No, as long as you have received your Confirmation of Enrolment, you can enrol into the program and commence online learning. However, when the border reopens, you need to have your student visa to travel to Australia and continue studying onshore.

Please be aware that due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the IES Foundation Year is temporarily delivering its courses online, until the University deems it is best to revert back to on-campus delivery, in accordance with Australian Government guidelines.

We understand that from time to time students may be unwell and unable to attend class. We do still require at least 80% attendance, and a doctor's note for any absences over 2 days, although we may be able to make exceptions under special circumstances given the current situation. This will be outlined during the orientation session.

All students will be able to commence their learning online. If you experience difficulties with accessing the online course material, you have some different options around deferral, depending on when you decide to do so.
A. If you choose to defer before course commencement, we will transfer your offer, CoE and any fees paid to the next available intake.
B. If you choose to defer after course commencement, you must do so before the census date (???). We will transfer your enrolment, CoE and any fees paid to the next available intake.
C. If you choose to defer after commencement and after the census date, you can do so. Prior to deferring, please contact the Enrolments team to discuss your tuition fees.

Please note that changing to a future intake may mean that your whole study plan is pushed back, you must advise by the census date if you wish to withdraw and defer to a future intake. To do so, you must notify the Enrolments team: info@iescollege.com.

As soon as we are confident that the borders will re-open, we will work towards welcoming students to Australia. We will teach out the term that you are studying online, so that all students can join face to face at the beginning of the following term together.

Note that there is likely to be a delay with visa processing due to the backlog. Our goal is that there will be enough time for students to obtain visas for the following term's intake. However, we will commit to providing online learning for as long as required while students wait for visas to be processed.

We understand that this is new and that you may not have studied online before, but we would recommend that you try and see if it is for you so that you can stay on track. For now, this option is the best way to progress you to the next stage of study. If this changes in any way, we will of course keep you updated.

A limited number of Scholarships for Outstanding IESFY Students is available for each of the 2021 IESFY intakes. Successful IESFY applicants with superior English proficiency and academic grades may be entitled to a semester two fee reduction of 25 per cent. To be considered for a 2021 Outstanding IESFY Scholarship, students must:

- Apply through an Approved IES Agent Representative.
- Be an International Student.
- Complete the 2021 IESFY Scholarship for Outstanding Students Application Form, including a brief summary about your academic achievements.

Scholarships are only offered for each intake, so any scholarship offer will not necessarily apply to a subsequent intake.

If there is anything that you'd like to discuss, please contact info@iescollege.com