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Living in Queensland

English Language Instruction

The compulsory subject Academic English for University Studies (AE) is specifically designed to develop students' academic English and IELTS skills while increasing their knowledge of Australian culture. English Language Assistance (ELA) provides extra tuition for students who are either having difficulties with English in their studies or who need an IELTS score of more than 6.5 for their undergraduate program at university. All ELA teachers are fully trained TESOL teachers.

Student Counselling

Student counsellors provide caring, experienced counselling and advice. Their assistance is readily available throughout the year for any problems whether they be of an academic nature, English language related or just issues relating to adjusting to life in another country.

Academic Career & Study Guidance

Student Counsellors provide a range of programs and support to help students settle into their new academic and living situations. Workshops are available for students at the start of the year in areas such as living on a budget, signing contracts and accommodation options. There are also sessions on presentation skills, assignment writing and coping with exam nerves.

Student Counsellors play an important role in assisting students to make sound decisions about choices for undergraduate study as well as their future careers

Extra Tutorials

If you are having difficulties in a particular subject, Student Counsellors can arrange for extra tutorial support. These are small group sessions that revise work already covered but do not involve any extra assessments. There is no charge for these tutorials. In addition the Student Counsellor can assist you to find an appropriate non-IES tutor at a reasonable rate. IES does not charge you for finding the private tutor.

Individual Study Plans and other intervention strategies for academically at-risk students

The teachers and student counsellors work together to identify students experiencing academic difficulties, whom require further intervention strategies than what is provided in extra tutorials. These students are closely monitored and assisted, and their progress is recorded via Individual Study Plans.

Guidance with university placement

Our Student Counsellors will provide programs and career advice to assist students in making informed choices about their futures, and in selecting the most suitable undergraduate programs for their chosen career path.

24-hour contact

All students are given a mobile phone contact number so that they can call IES staff at any time in case of emergencies.

Supporting under 18s

IES provides guardianship and a range of services including a 24 hour emergency telephone number, and a regular contact regime.


At the commencement of each intake, a full orientation program will be provided with an induction to the program and to Brisbane. You will be provided with important information regarding visa regulations, general advice on accommodation and living with a homestay family. During this time, you will have the chance to meet your classmates and speak to staff members if you have any concerns regarding your subject choices.