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Have you completed Year 11? IES provides an alternative pathway to university! Come join our diverse, supportive learning community and over 10 000 successful globally focused graduates who have progressed to their chosen university program with the 10950NAT IES Certificate IV in University Preparation. Offered in our boutique inner city college, and running since 1998, the IES pathway takes the stress out of your senior studies with small classes in a supportive environment.

Our Cert IV in University Preparation offers extra support and the flexibility to mix online and face-to-face classes.


433 Boundary Street Campus

The main hub for IES, this campus is located on the corner of Boundary and Water streets. The Ground Floor offers: 11 classrooms, 2 computer labs, resources / library facilities, an art gallery, numerous quiet and group study areas, as well as a student lounge area with kitchen and cafe facilities. It is also home to the main reception for this campus. The First Floor consists of: 4 lecture theatres, 5 classrooms, an art gallery, resources / library space, as well as numerous quiet and group study areas. It also includes one of IES' corporate hubs, which is home to the General Manager, IES Accounts, Enrolments, Student Services and HR teams and IT Manager. The Second Floor consists of: 2 lecture theatres, numerous classrooms and study spaces, as well as a large presentation space and VBE rooms. It also includes the other IES corporate hub, which is home to the Managing Director and the IES Digital and Marketing teams.

495 Boundary Street Campus

The original IES campus is located at 495 Boundary Street, and now the home of the IES College High School programs, such as the International Bachelorette Diploma Program, it consists of eight (8) levels. The campus includes: numerous classrooms, library, art room, computer labs and science labs, as well as 2 large lecture theatres. It also has student lounge areas, with kitchen facilities, quiet and group study areas, prayer and music rooms.


Enrolling in the 10950NAT Certificate IV in University Preparation program gives you the skills and support to prepare you for future study in Australia.

You don't need a Student Visa to study online with IES College. Our online delivery gives you 24/7 access to our high-quality content and resources all from your home. All course materials and activities are adapted for online learning, so you gain the same knowledge and skills as you would face to face.

Our online delivery is an enjoyable and interactive experience. You will be supported to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to be successful at university. You will experience a rich learning environment where you will have 24/7 access to all the expertise, support, and resources you need:

University recognised

You can get started without a visa and apply later to a university in Queensland

Online lessons

Delivered through our interactive and custom designed learning platform Moodle

Teacher Expertise

Fully qualified Australian trainers and assessors with extensive experience in preparing international students for university study

Progress Checks

Trainers monitor your progress every week to help you stay on track


Videos have key word searches and transcription to help you review content and develop your skills and understanding


Live question and answer sessions, forums, quizzes and online activities make learning interactive and fun

Virtual Labs

Science students will practice essential laboratory skills in our virtual labs. Also used by students at UQ, these online labs are the perfect simulated environment.

Virtual Business eCommerce

Business students will experience our simulated online retail environment where they will engage in real life business transactions.

Virtual Art Gallery

The Virtual Art Gallery gives all of our Humanities and Design students access to our unique Aboriginal Art Collection.

World class academic support

Our team are here to help, ensuring you stay on track throughout the course.





Your Timetable

Here are some sample timetables of a typical week. These include the different modes of study. Self-Directed Study can be done at any time, so you can move these blocks to suit your time zone.

Arts Stream
Arts timetable
Business Stream
Business timetable
Science Stream
Science timetable